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The effect of ginkgo biloba and role

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The effect of ginkgo biloba and role

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The effect of ginkgo biloba and role


Ginkgo leaf of ginkgo leaf of ginkgo biloba plants. Ginkgo biloba sexual flavour gan bitter, good heart the folding of the lung, wet anti-diarrhea effect and so on. "Chinese medicine" records it can "folding of the lung qi, smooth wheezing cough, check with turbidity". According to the modern pharmacological study, the effect of ginkgo biloba on human and animal body more widely, such as to improve the function of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular circulation, beneficial effect on myocardial ischemia, have the effect that improve memory and brain function. In addition, still can reduce blood viscosity, scavenging free radicals.

Tools/raw material

Leaf picking: 7-8-10 in the morning of August, the central main ginkgo sapling, lateral branch of normal green leaf blade, put the basket in clean water, spread out to dry, increases with the increasing mining fire, in order to protect the quality.

Feats: choose clean ?

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